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Full Face Using Flower Beauty

Hello Fashionista welcome back to HelloStylexo. Today is going to be a really fun post. I have just discovered and amazing makeup and skincare brand called Flower Beauty By the way this post is not sponsored at all. I just discovered this brand and I love it. Flower beauty is highly affordable and their products have a luxury feel. Why get Charlotte Tilbury when you can get Flower beauty. Even the name is amazing. 

Lets start off with a simple base. I am first going to start off with using the Liquid Illuminizer. This amazing product adds a subtle glow to your skin. Once you wear the foundation the glow will still show through. Now for the foundation I am using the About Face Foundation. It is smooth and blends in easy giving a dewy look. The Light Illusion Foundation is also an amazing product. 

After that is of course concealer. I am using the Light Illusion Concealer. This is a full coverage concealer. It is comfortable and it does not crease. After wearing this all day my face looke…
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Spring capsule wardrobe Outfit Ideas

Hello Fashionista, I am going to share with you some outfits you can create with the capsule wardrobe I did in the last post. (Post here) You all have been loving that Spring capsule wardrobe blog post. So I decided to show you some outfits you can do with those simple and beautiful pieces. I am just going to tell you all they outfits and explain them a little.  They will be easy and quick outfits. There will be many outfits for you to choose from. Over the next few weeks I will create a summer capsule wardrobe blog post and the outfit ideas blog post. I will do it for summer winter and fall. So you can have all 4 seasons if you want to created a wardrobe for all seasons. Don't for get to follow the blog and lets get started. 
Outfit 1
Black silk cami top, Light jeans, booties, Straw crossbody bag, Beige vest coat

This is a simple California style outfit. The silk cami top adds definition and sophistication to the outfit. Everything is casual and easy the cami and vest coat adds dre…

The perfect Spring bag

Welcome back Fashionista. I am going to share with me one of my favorite bags of all time. This is going to be a quite short post. But anyway if your new please follow the blog if you like what you see. This bag has been on my wish list since the beginning of time. Lets begin. 

The bag is of course the Givenchy Antigona. This bag goes along with every single outfit in anyone's wardrobe. This bag has a ginormous price tag. But it is worth it. It will be an amazing gift, that person will love you forever. I personally like it because it is easy and compact. It can hold a mac book air. 

For a bag that small it holds many items and it never looks took bulky. Many bloggers swear by this bag. Susie from Hellooctober loves this bag, it her everyday bag. I mean can you blame her, this bag is ultimate goals. You have to get this bag. Hurry net-a-porter is doing a 30% off sale. Snatch the bag before someone else does.

Well that is all for today's post. I hope you liked this post don't …

Spring capsule wardrobe

Hello Fashionista welcome back to my blog. Many of you have been asking me to do a capsule wardrobe post and here it is. I really do like small wardrobes I like anything small. So a capsule wardrobe is great but not really my style. But I decided to try it and here are all the items in my Spring 2019 capsule wardrobe. At the bottom of the page I will add a checklist of what you need. Lets begin!

This will be the color palette for my capsule wardrobe. This is quite neutral but there are still color. Adding floral patters is another way to add color to a capsule wardrobe or any wardrobe really.

Lets begin with some tops. I added some basic and amazing tops into this wardrobe. I am going to show you a picture of the top and share with you how you can style it. In the next post I will share with you amazing outfits you can make with theses pieces. 

A white t-shirt is just a classic staple you should always have. You can style this in so many ways without looking too casual. I learnt that fro…